Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 4-8

I'm definitely not going to be able to keep up a daily food record.  I can try, but life is just crazy.

Friday was my "treat" day.  We made peppermint popcorn and it was delicious.  There was a little leftover on Saturday still, but on the whole I contained myself.  I fed the missionaries on Sunday and instead of making dessert, shared some of my pre-packaged peppermint popcorn - had them take it to go so I wouldn't eat any.  ;-)  Sunday was also fast sunday, which felt like a great re-set day for my diet after feeling like I splurged on the popcorn.
Monday was Kenna's birthday.  I ate yummy food and had cheesecake.  I will probably skip the Christmas dessert this Friday, which is actually just fancy hot chocolate.  A fun thing, but something I could live without.  And I guess it's our ward party, which means resisting sugar cookies (not too hard) and other things.
I've been thinking about how "treat" is synonymous with "sugar" and how we as a population tend to have "treats" every single day.  How is that a treat, then, and not just a regular part of the diet?  In my quest to conquer my sugar cravings, I'm trying to think of sugar as a splurge to be had on occasion and not as something I need every day.  I guess the question needs to be asked - is it even really a treat if it's harming your body?

A friend told me yesterday that when she's craving sugar she finds it helps to eat more natural sugars in the form of fruit.  I tried that yesterday when I was recognizing that scavenging feeling I get when I start looking for something sweet.  I grabbed a persimmon and ate about half - shared the rest with Faith, and found that the craving had disappeared.  Sometimes my peanut butter filled pretzels help if I'm actually hungry.  The protein is often just what I need.  And a glass of water because I know I think hungry when I'm really just thirsty.

I injured my back yesterday (Monday) so I didn't get my walk in, but I got great exercise on Saturday on our family hike.  I will probably do some mild stretching today, but carefully as my back is still in recovery mode.  I took ibuprofen this morning so I kind of want to wait until it wears off and see how I'm feeling then.

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