Sunday, January 11, 2015

If at first you don't succeed

Try again, right?

Confession is that I binged on yummy cookies that I made for my meeting and didn't get much exercise in.

The good news is I followed my dinner plans and made healthy foods for lunches as well. Even had salad!  That's gotta count for something!

I just do so much better if dessert isn't in my house at all. Tomorrow it all goes away and I start fresh.

This week we are trying a new recipe called creamy root vegetable soup. It has some new veggies that I don't often use such as celery root and parsnips. In keeping with my belief that we should eat with the season as much as possible, we are doing more potatoey veggies and lots and lots of oranges for our fruit!!  Best season of the year!

Logan made the Asian salad for or dinner and it was pretty yummy. I used frozen chicken strips instead of marinating chicken breast.   It needed a few more veggies to round it out, but the hoisin dressing was yum.

Going to go see the doctor about my knee if it doesn't feel better here pretty soon. I would like to determine if it's damage that needs fixing or something chronic that I just need to deal with.  I'm only afraid of aggravating an injury and making it worse

Monday, January 5, 2015

Still here

I haven't forgotten about my intentions to eat more healthy and get exercise.  Christmas was a zoo, though.  A good zoo, but still a zoo.  I didn't really watch my diet other than trying to exercise restraint at times.  But for the most part I gave myself a two week diet vacation.  Next year I don't plan to be so lenient (but I doubt I'll have two weeks of crazy family times when I'm not doing my own cooking).  It was fun, but now it's time to get back on track.

I did go for a lot of walks, but I hurt both my back and knee, and my toe bothers me on occasion, so other than walking I didn't exercise.  I did my fit2be workout this morning and my back and knee are still so stiff.  I had to step way back and go easy.  Not sure what's going on there.  I'm hoping that getting back to healthy eating and regular exercise will help them both finish healing.

I'm actually wondering if the toe and knee are arthritis.  They both don't seem related to any specific movement - they just randomly happen for all I can tell.  Sugar can exacerbate arthritis and I did have a LOT more than usual.

Goals for this month...
Workout plans:  3 days of fit2be workouts (MWF) and three days of long walks.
Food: vegetable servings at two meals, dessert only on certain occasions such as social situations and when I feed the missionaries.  I only anticipate three times this month.

I would like to get back to making green smoothies, but need to go shopping for some things.

My meal plan this week:
Monday Oatmeal /  Leftover lasagna /  butternut squash soup/grilled cheese

Tuesday eggs and toast /  pesto pasta, salad, yogurt /  chicken gyros

Wednesday oatmeal /  turkey sand., salad, yogurt /  black beans and rice, slaw

Thursday eggs and toast /  cheese cracker salami, salad, fruit /  beef stroganoff

Friday pancakes    / chicken pesto sandwich  /  asian salad